KWS Reo  FAO 170


In Your Field…

KWS Reo fires on all cylinders. Highly consistent across all sites, helping you get to the chequered flag – first! A winner for forage and biogas production on mainstream sites.

Turbo charge your performance!

Characteristics / Quality

  • Extreme yield for its maturity – 106% in KWS LP250*. 20.1 t/ha DM or 110% in NL2022**
  • Impressive starch content – 37.9%** provides class leading starch yield
  • Consistent stand out performance across all sites
  • Impressive early vigour (7.8)**
  • Multi use – forage and biogas

Data source:
KWS LP250 2022. Average of all sites.* NIAB NL 2022** † Hybrid subject to a Pre NL Marketing Agreement. Initial seed availability is limited.

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