KWS Anastasio  FAO 180/190


In Your Field…

KWS Anastasio provides you with a high level of harvest flexibility, and is suited to all your needs, be it forage, biogas, CCM, crimped or dried grain.

Maincrop silage and grain hybrid for every season!

Characteristics / Quality

  • High DM yields (19.0 t/ha DM – 104%) to fill your clamps, forage or biogas
  • Great starch content (32.2%) for high maize diets
  • High energy content (11.63 MJ/kg DM) to deliver ration performance
  • Highly suitable for CCM and grain cropping
  • Leading early vigour (7.3) on all soil types provides a rapid establishment
  • Suitable for forage, grain and biogas systems

Data source:
NIAB Forage Maize Descriptive List. First Choice varieties for favourable sites (2024).

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