Debalto  FAO 170


In Your Field…

Debalto offers leading starch yields, high grain density & lower ear insertion height.

Push your starch yield, keep your harvest on track

Characteristics / Quality

  • Strong yield performance (18.5 t/ha DM) across all sites
  • High grain:stover ratio provides an energy dense silage
  • Starch content (34.3%)
  • Energy content (11.63 MJ/kg DM)
  • Ideally suited for moderate to high (50-70%) TMR dairy or beef finishing rations
  • Excellent vigour across all soil types (7.2)
  • Multi-use variety for forage, CCM and biogas – spreads harvest window

Data source:
NIAB Forage Maize Descriptive list. Second choice varieties for favourable sites (2024).

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