Avitus KWS  FAO 160/170


In Your Field…

Avitus KWS delivers high DM and starch output, plus rapid early vigour. Seed rate management is advised on exposed sites to maximise harvest security.

Forage performance to reign supreme!

Characteristics / Quality

  • High DM yield in the early segment – (18.1 t/ha DM) on the NIAB 2024 list
  • Top early vigour (7.0)
  • Very high starch (36.0%) and leading starch yields/ha
  • Fantastic energy content (11.88 MJ/Kg DM) driving animal performance
  • Dual use forage and AD for harvest spread
  • Also suitable for CCM
  • Moderate stay green for faster ripening
  • Recommended seed rate should not exceed 100,000 seeds/ha on exposed sites

Data source:
NIAB Forage Maize Descriptive List. First Choice varieties for favourable sites (2024).

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