KWS Exelon  FAO 170


In Your Field…

KWS Exelon has a lower ear insertion height resulting in greater stability. The potential to carry 20 grains per ring provides you with superb grain quality, leading to high starch yields. This is combined with excellent DM yield and maturity providing a complete variety.

Drive your silage output!

Characteristics / Quality

  • Leading DM Yield (18.5 t/ha DM)
  • Excellent starch content (34.6%)
  • Fantastic energy values produces superb silage (11.81MJ/kg DM)
  • Highly suited to moderate to high (50-70%) inclusion in dairy and finishing rations
  • Excellent vigour (7.1) on all soils allows your crop to get up and away – fast
  • Multi-use variety – forage, grain and biogas
  • Stand out performance and consistency across all sites

Data source:
NIAB Forage Maize Descriptive List. First Choice varieties for favourable sites (2024).

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