Kilomeris  FAO 260/270


In Your Field…

Kilomeris is suited to only the very best sites, where it can provide exceptional performance for your AD feedstock production, with huge DM yield potential.

The ultimate in feedstock yield – ideal for light soils!

Characteristics / Quality

  • Enormous yield potential on the most favourable, high heat unit sites (24 t/ha DM 2019)
  • Ideal hybrid for drought-prone areas – yields exceed earlier hybrids
  • Reduce chop length to 7-9mm to ensure optimal clamp and AD performance
  • Sow at 40,000 seeds/acre (98,000 seeds/ha) in most areas
  • In low rainfall areas reduce to 38,000 seeds/acre (94,000/ha) to protect yield

Data source:
KWS LP251 2019 Average of all sites.

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