KWS Temprano  FAO 150 EnergyBoost

Ultra Early

In Your Field…

KWS Temprano delivers extreme earliness, whilst providing class leading dry matter and starch yields in the Ultra Early segment. Highly suited to short growing windows, especially on less favourable maize growing sites.

Always finishes on time!

Characteristics / Quality

  • Outstanding, and class leading yield for an Ultra Early – (19.4 t/ha DM)*
  • Improved genetics deliver an extra 6% yield, and super early**
  • Similar earliness to Cito KWS
  • Exceptional starch content (38.9%)***
  • Highly suited for diets with 50% or lower maize inclusion
  • Superb early vigour (7.4)*** suitable for early or late drilling
  • Rapid dry down ensures early harvest

Data source:
KWS LP250 2021, average of all sites*. KWS LP250 2022, average of all sites** NIAB NL 2022 *** † Hybrid subject to a Pre NL Marketing Agreement. Initial seed availability is limited.

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