Edgard KWS  FAO 170


In Your Field…

Edgard KWS has given stable yield performance in KWS and NL screening trials in both the UK and Denmark since its introduction and continues to deliver on farm.

Good early vigour, DM yields and feed value…

Characteristics / Quality

  • High DM yield in its class – across NIAB trials (2014: 106% relative DM yield)
  • Good early vigour on all soils types (2014: 7.6)
  • Very high starch (2014: 34.3%)
  • Great ME content (2014: 11.36 MJ/kg DM)
  • Provides early silage production across the UK

Data source:
FERA NL Trials for Forage Maize – All sites (2014).

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