KWS Kampinos  FAO 200/210


In Your Field…

KWS Kampinos adds more options for AD and silage growers to fill clamps. Allows a wider drilling window/harvest in suitable conditions.

Continental yields with cold tolerance…silage or AD use!

Characteristics / Quality

  • Heavy yield potential on favourable sites (21.5t/ha DM)
  • Ideal hybrid for spreading drilling window
  • High grain:stover ratio for stable ripening
  • Excellent starch content for maturity (34.1%)
  • Significant energy density (11.63 MJ/Kg DM) for animal or AD performance
  • Seed at 42,000 seeds/acre (103,000 seeds/ha) in most areas
  • In low rainfall areas reduce to 38,000 seeds/acre (94,000 seeds/ha) to protect yield

Data source:
KWS LP251 2019. Average of all sites.

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